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The 2011 NY AutoFest4 will feature a special invitational section of TV and Movie vehicles. Does your car have celebrity significance? If you think you have what it takes contact us with the particulars for consideration. Displayed vehicle owners and one guest will get free admission, lunch, and refreshments as well as a commemorative dash plaque and baseball cap.

These vehicles were displayed at New York AutoFest 3 on July 18, 2010
THE 1909 ALCO-6
We're pleased to announce that one of the premiere vehicles to be featured in our first annual AutoFest Invitational will be the famed 1909 ALCO-6, the "Black Beast." Lovingly restored by Howard Kroplick right here on Long Island where it won the famed 1909 and 1910 Vanderbilt Cup Races. It then went on in 1911 to race in the first Indianapolis 500. Spectators will also get a chance to see the ALCO-6 in action.
Robert Luczun's 1928 Ford Model AR Pickup "Car-Toons" will be one of the featured vehicles at the New York AutoFest Invitational. A rolling history of the comic art form, with airbrushed renderings ranging from The Yellow Kid (first published in 1896) to today's South Park characters. Luczun spent more than 2,000 hours-over a year and a half-painting the truck. "Cartoons appeal to all of us, no matter what age," says Luczun. "Our first instinct when we see figures like Snow White or the Jolly Green Giant is to touch them-see that they are real. Kids are going to want to touch the car when they see it, and that's okay. It's part of the magic."
This VW Bug was purchased in France in 1961 and was driven all over mainland Europe, as well as, Israel and Great Britain. After having been shipped back to the U.S. by container ship it remained in its original form (off white) until the summer of 1968 when it was transformed into its current design. Tony Fabiano, artist, and Ed Ellison, owner, decided that the car needed to reflect more of the time and the feeling of the 60’s. It took the entire summer of 1968 to complete its transformation. Named the “Elusive Butterfly” from the song of the same name by Bob Lind, it included a large butterfly on its front hood, a portrait of Jimi Hendrix, a Jackson Pollack style fender, and Aubrey Beardsley style lettering of the song title “Smile on Your Brother.” Although both Tony and Ed made it to the Woodstock Festival in 1969, much to their regret, the car did not. After reuniting 40 years later Ed, Tony and friends got it back on the road and up to Woodstock for the 40th anniversary of the festival in 2009.
Ask any kid of any age, 9 to 90, what their favorite fantasy car is and we'd be willing to bet it's the 1966 Batmobile. Well here's your chance to come see it in person, right here on Long Island. We're going to have to hire extra security just to prevent the Jocker or the Penguin from getting their hands on it. And appearing along with this Batmobile will be a modern day custom complete with Gullwing doors!
1958 Offyette Quarter Midget owned by Russell Stockert.  This car was rebuilt in 1964 by William Stockert.  It raced competitiveley from 1965-1973 and won 5 consecutive years of championship driven by William Stockert, Jr & Russell Stockert. This car competed on racetracks such as Roosevelt Field Mall parking lot and Mitchell Field (the current site of the Nassau Coliseum).  In 2007, the midget was again fully restored. By the way, Russell is the Dad of Kayla Starr who will be performing at AutoFest3.
The Sting-Ray is a 1968, E-Class 17' hydroplane built by noted hydroplane builder Dick Sooy in Mays Landing, NJ. The semi stock Plymouth Barracuda "273" cubic inch engine turns out estimated 275 horsepower and top speed of the boat is about 110+ mph. The boat raced successfully from 1968 to the mid 1970's winning many races up and down the East Coast. I purchased the boat in 2006 and started on a full restoration. The boat has been faithfully restored to its original race condition using original materials and parts where possible. The boat was recently featured in the Feb 2010 issue of Car Kulture Deluxe.
This 1948 Chevrolet telephone truck was originally in service with the Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company for approximately ten years.  After that it's history is vague until it was located in a junkyard in Pennsylvania.  In 1998 it was bought and restored by Wayne Jesionowski of Illinois Bell.  It was then sold to George Anderson of Hicksville, NY and modified with the NY Telephone logos. Be sure to take a look at the parts inventory in this truck, the old phones and parts will surely bring back memories for most of you.
Owned by the Greco Family this Curved Dash Oldsmobile is credited as the first high volume gasoline automobile. Introduced by the Oldsmobile Company in 1901 and produced until 1907, there were 2,500 built in 1902. The 2 passenger vehicle sold for $650, which would equate to about $16,000 today. The flat mounted, water cooled, single cylinder 1.6 liter engine that only revved to 500rpm, situated at the center of the car, produced 4 hp, relying on a brass gravity feed carburetor. The transmission was a semi-automatic design with two forward speeds and one reverse. The car weighed 850 lb. and used Concord springs. The car’s success was partially by accident - in 1901 a fire destroyed a number of other models before they were approved for production, leaving the Curved Dash the only one intact. Braking, or what passed for it, was by a foot pedal that caused a clutch band to grab a flange on the drive sprocket. Wheels were 28 inch diameter wire or wood-spoke units mounting three inch wide tires. With the five gallon fuel and water reservoirs full, the vehicle was capable of about 40 mpg.
Having been featured in the New York Times, CBS-TV, 1010 WINS Radio, and others Dr. Dave Delman's 1981 electric DeLorean is the world's longest range and fastest electric DeLorean. Just like the car in Back To The Future it has stainless steel body panels and gull wing doors. This electric version has better acceleration than the original internal combustion engine version. We're certain you'll get a kick out of seeing this unique and timely vehicle.


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