Gift Certificates SAVE 25%!


Why not give a New York AutoFest Gift Certificate to a friend? Or to yourself or a fellow club member for that matter? Each New York AutoFest Gift Certificate is good for admission of one vehicle to the judged showfield of any New York AutoFest car show. The cost is only $15 which is a 25% savings over the standard $20 admission fee.

Just fill in the form below and we’ll promptly email your completed Gift Certificate to you or your recipient, just let us know what to do. Once received you or the recipient should print it out and present it at whatever show you or they would like to attend. Each certificate is good for only one show so if you wish to buy certificates for more than one you should so indicate. For example, if you want to buy two for yourself or a friend then choose the number and enter your or your friend's name twice.

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