Save up to 25% off  “Day of Show” registration at most shows plus save time at the gate! Pre-registration is NOT a requirement, you can always register at the gate. Please note some important points:

  • You save off your registration fees for most shows by pre-registering here. You do not need to register individual vehicles, just the number of vehicles you are bringing to the show.
  • You are guaranteed a dash plaque at shows where we distribute them.
  • You are guaranteed a goody bag at shows where we distribute goody bags.
  • If you are a New York AutoFest Club member please be sure to check the box and save even more!
  • If you are a member of one of the car clubs we have made arrangements with for reduced gate registrations you can still use this form as the fees for registered clubs and pre-registration are the same.
  • Please note, there are no refunds, if the show is canceled or postponed due to weather or other circumstances you will receive a credit towards the re-scheduled show or another. If the show is held and you simply don't show up there will be no credit or refund.

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