flags for classrooms

New York AutoFest is proud to announce a new program to provide classrooms in both public and private schools with the symbol of our country, the American flag. It has come to our attention that  the American flag is not displayed in many classrooms on Long Island. There is no excuse for this in a time when our brave service men and women are laying their lives on the line so that we may have the freedom to fly the flag.

A portion of the proceeds from our new Monday night cruise-in as well as our car shows will be set aside to fund this program. Schools will shortly be able to apply for the flags and New York AutoFest will supply the classroom flags along with a plaque and mounting hardware to schools and classrooms that are approved under the new program.

In addition to funds raised from our shows we will be soliciting corporate and individual sponsorships to help with the demand. Please contact us for further information.


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