Show results and score sheets for 2016

You can now see show results as well as your score sheet within hours (usually by midnight) of a show! By clicking on the show title below you can see the results by class thus allowing you to see how you did compared to others in your class. To see your (or another competitor’s) score sheet simply click on the “score sheet” link in the table.

To see the results from a judged show click on the appropriate link below. IMPORTANT: Due to a change in the way score sheets are stored your individual 2016 sheets cannot be viewed. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Halloween 10/23/16
Hicksville FD at Sears 10/16/16
Westbury Music Fair Doo-Wop 9/10/16
Planting Fields PTSD Show 8/20/16
Westbury Music Fair 7/30/16
Sears 7/17/16
Independence Show 7/2/16
Westbury Music Fair 5/28/16
Spring is Sprung 4/16/16
Westbury Music Fair 4/10/16

For non-judged shows such as peer and spectator vote shows typical of street fairs and festivals you can see how many votes you received if you know your registration number. Just click on the appropriate show title below.:

Franklin Square Fall Street Fair 10/2/16
West Hempstead Street Fair 9/25/16
Sea Cliff Fire Dept. Show 8/28/16
Franklin Square Sprimg Street Fair 6/12/16
Homestead Music Festival 6/11/16

Farmingdale Festival 5/14/16

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