Judging rules and classes

FOR ALL SHOWS judged vehicle check in is between 7:30am and 10:30am, any vehicles checked in after 10:30am MAY NOT BE JUDGED, although they may be exhibited as a non-judged entrant. Vehicle admission price is $20 per vehicle with driver and passengers. Pre-registration fee is $15.

Most of our shows (except street fairs) are judged in multiple classes. All shows will be awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each class. There may also be special sponsored trophies as well as a People's Choice award and Best in Show at various shows.

All entrants are judged against the score sheet on the vehicle's own merits not against or in relation to another vehicle. Each judged vehicle is assigned points on a 100 point scale based on a multitude of factors. If a vehicle is alone in it's class it must attain a minimum of 80 points to receive a 1st in Class trophy. If it is scored less than 80 points it will be awarded a 2nd Place. We recommed you read this letter  which may answer many of your questions.

Street Fair shows are "Spectator's Choice” and “Peer’s Choice” with trophies going to the top winners based on spectator votes. Peer votong ballots are numbered and assigned to each vehicle so as to deter vote padding.

New York AutoFest Best in Series Award
We're pleased to announce that 2015 was a huge success for the New York AutoFest Best in Series Award. Congratulations to Ted Lelle for scoring the most points in the 2015 season. All vehicles entered and judged at our shows are eligible for this award regardless of class. It is based on a vehicle's total points accumulated at all shows attended. The award is based on the vehicle, not the owner, so if you have two vehicles their points will be counted separately. Here's how it works:

  • At judged shows - total judging points excluding tie breaker extra points
  • At Spectator and/or Peer judging only shows such as street fairs:
    • Spectator judging - 10 points for each winner
    • Peer judging - 20 points for each winner
  • Spectator, Peer, and Cruise points count towards total points but not calculated in averages.

Additional points (in the event a vehicle is awarded more than one of the following at a show only one will apply:

  • Overall Best in Show chosen by the judges - 5 additional points
  • Other Bests such as Best Paint, Best Engine, etc. - 5 additional points
  • Spectator's choice at Judged shows - 5 additional points
  • All other awards such as celebrity or sponsor Best in Shows - 5 additional points

In order to be properly credited you MUST print your name, email, and vehicle CLEARLY on the judging sheet and indicate you are participating in the competition. There are no special sign up forms, just indicating you wish to participate is all you need to do. If you do not indicate membership we cannot be responsible for missing points. Points will be accumulated throughout the show season at all New York AutoFest shows and updated on our website within a few days of each show.

The winner will be announced and a one-of-a-kind trophy will be awarded at the last show of the season. In addition the winner will receive free entry to all shows in 2017 for the winning vehicle. In the event of a tie the winner will be determined by a staff of at least three judges. The decision of the judges will be final. Good luck!

UPDATE 1/4/16: Please note that effective immediately no vehicle may win the Best in Series award more than two years in a row. We feel that this is best in order to be fair to everyone and to “spread the wealth” so to speak.

You can see the up to date scores here.

Preliminary 2016 Judging classes are as follows, this may be subject to change, in some shows classes H through PP may be incorporated in other classes:

We feel these changes are quite fair and will even out the field giving all entrants a fairer shot at winning their class.

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